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A great first step is a quick call to discuss your needs. Whether you need a professional designer for one of your jobs or business consulting, we can determine the best first steps and we can provide you with a better understanding of our process. It never hurts to ask questions!

15-20 Min Call - Complimentary

talking on phones
Urban Luxe Design + Project Planning

Do you have a client who is struggling to figure out exactly what they want? Determining the scope of work can be challenging when a client has a lot of ideas but no specific direction. Bring us in, and we can provide guidance and direction to get decisions made and your project on track!

1-1/2 Hour Consult  - $400


Is your business getting the traction it needs? Are you as organized and efficient as you could be? Do you need to implement technology to streamline your business and increase transparency for your clients? Struggling with project management? If any of these are pain points for you, let us help you!

1 Hour Session  - $150 

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If you are interested in any of our services below, please call or book an intro call in the link above
first to further discuss your needs. We can determine the scope of work needed
and provide a custom price. 


When it comes to outsourcing design services to our trades, our primary objective is to make your life easier, enhance your service offerings, and increase your profitability. We truly understand construction and how hectic and fast-paced your job really is. The benefit to working with Urban Luxe is that we've actually spent time on job sites getting our hands dirty and because of that we put a priority on function and engineering over pretty and trendy.
Urban Luxe values our trades and it shows in the partnerships we have built with them. 

Design Services

Design Services

Urban Luxe offers an array of design services, from major full home renovations, all the way to custom window coverings and drapes. We can step in as a project partner or as an extension of your business. We can work with the homeowner and help coordinate the architect, engineer, and even permit process. Let us help carry the workload while you focus on growing your business.

Urban Luxe Design + Project Planning

Custom Floor Plans and Elevations

Most builders are too busy to do intricate 2020 drawings for their clients, and they end up passing it off to a cabinet shop. Why leave the most precious part of your remodel - the design, to someone, just focused on quickly selling cabinets? Bring us in as an extension of your business, and we can meet with your client directly to design the kitchen, bath, or finished basement of their dreams, or just give us the dimensions and we can provide you with options to present to your client yourself! 

 Active Project Review

Active Project Review

It is not uncommon to confront a roadblock in the design of your project. If you are struggling to hit the mark with your client, a fresh set of eyes can often be a huge asset. We will review your current plans with your client and you and provide honest and direct feedback. The creative process can only be enhanced by different prospectives.

Urban Luxe Design + Project Planning

Color Consults & Window Coverings

Choosing a paint color for a kitchen is one thing, but building a color pallet for an entire home is a science. Paint and window coverings alike require versatility, continuity, and, of course, style. While it may seem simple, it is a complex piece of the home remodeling process. Expand your service offerings and hire us to provide a custom consult for your clients. 


An unfortunate truth is that the home industry is simply behind when it comes to implementing technology to streamline daily activities and improve communication with clients. Additionally, statistics show that the major difference between builders that make and those that don't, is a well defined sales process. Urban Luxe's business consulting service offers a way to help tradespeople overcome those obstacles, improve their business practices, and give themselves an edge in an oversaturated and competitive marketplace. 

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Business Coaching

Urban Luxe offers business coaching across every aspect of your business. You can purchase an individual hour or a reduced rate block of time based on the needs you want to address. Coaching can be done in person or via zoom. Potential areas to work on:


- Pipeline Management

- Sales Strategies / Networking Skills

- Customer Satisfaction

- General Organization Skills

- Improved Client Transparency

- Enhanced Vendor / Trade Partnerships

- Business Finances 

Urban Luxe Design + Project Planning

Technology Enhancements

There are so many tools out there that can help you not only stand out from your competition but streamline your business and gain back valuable hours in your week. Maybe you just need help with 3D renderings or maybe you are finally ready to digitize your business to improve organization and transparency with your clients. Through a quick consult and business review, Urban Luxe can provide recommendations for the tools that will suit your needs, budget, and tech skill level. 

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Project Management 

The old saying, "The failure to plan is a plan to fail" has never been more true than in construction, especially in Covid times. Backorders, rising prices, and supply chain issues have taken a hard job and made it even more difficult. Good project management is key in not only winning big jobs but keeping them on track and on budget. Whether you are looking to revamp your project management strategy, implement new tools to enhance what you have, or outsource it completely on an as-needed basis, Urban Luxe has you covered. Never let a job cost you money again!

Urban Luxe Design + Project Planning

Brand Development

There are so many phenomenal tradesmen out there with little to no online presence. If you do not have a good website, online reviews, and/or a social presence, higher-paying clients are moving on to companies that do. Don't get left behind. Urban Luxe can provide you with a fresh new logo, website, and social channels. We can even help you work on a simple marketing plan that can make a huge impact. Let's show off what you can do and land those bigger jobs!


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