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It's Time To Rethink Residential Construction

Think of us the way you would a financial planner. They are your first point of contact for all major investments. They guide you in making responsible and strategic decisions to maximize your return on investment. We do the same thing when it comes to new construction or any major renovation. With over 30 years of combined residential construction and design experience, Urban Luxe can turn our expertise into your peace of mind. 

First, there are a few key problems within our industry that we directly address:








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Construction worker talking on the phone

Lack of Communication

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Poor Workflow & Project Management

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Out-of-Control Budgets

Depressed young woman having bad headache holding her temples feeling stressed by lack of


Change Orders

Urban Luxe Design + Project Planning

Overpromised Timelines

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Cookie Cutter Designs

Urban Luxe Design + Project Planning

Lack of Attention 

to Detail

Many of these issues stem from a single contract being signed to complete the entire project before a final design is approved. How can you have a final price without the design and selections in place? Allowances are for DIY Home Depot projects, not custom design and build. It's a bait and switch that causes nothing but headaches, disappointment, and bleeding bank accounts for the homeowner. 

Urban Luxe addresses these issues head-on by breaking up your project into two main phases:

1.) Design / Selections / Permitting

2.) Construction and Project Management

Our firm specializes in planning, organizing, and designing your project down to the smallest details. An entire design team, architects and engineers included, as well as unique material vendors all under one roof. Imagine being able to hand a builder or contractor the instruction manual to your project and receiving back a clean labor quote. You will be going into a project knowing exactly how much you will be spending, without fear of costly change orders or of exceeding design allowances (and potentially still not achieving your desired aesthetic). 

 Urban Luxe Process:


Define Project Goals,

Timeline, Budget, and Aesthetic 


Provide Urban Luxe Design Contract and Initial Projected Price Range of Project

(Ballpark Estimate)


Sign Urban Luxe Contract and Start Designing


Choose ALL Design Selections

Big and Small


Define and Document a Detailed Project Scope of Work


Create Job Binder and Spec Book

(Project Instruction Manual)


Assist Client In Acquiring and Reviewing a Minimum of 3 "Apples to Apples" Labor Quotes


Manage and Oversee Permitting Process on Behalf of the Client


Contractor Kick-Off Meeting To Review Job Specs + 3 Additional Jobsite Walkthroughs During Construction Phase


Optional Design Project Management During Construction Phase


Our Background...

Urban Luxe was unofficially formed in 2016 when owners Lou Galarza and Brook Mitchell partnered up for their first job together. Lou, a general contractor/designer, owned LG Contracting and Brook, an interior/structural designer owned BB Designs & Remodeling. The two clicked, and soon they were running all of their jobs together. In 2022, they made it official by joining forces and creating Urban Luxe Design + Project Planning. Together they have almost 30 years of combined construction and design experience. They may not always agree but challenging each other is what helps to set their designs apart from everyone else in their field. Their thoughtful and careful approach coupled with their "client-first" attitude is what keeps clients coming back to them, property after property...project after project...

Our Core Values...

  • Integrity and Ethics

  • Transparency and Communication

  • Ongoing Education (Internal and External)

  • Valuing Partnerships and Client Relationships

  • Simplified, Yet High-Quality Results

WRECON Award 2021 Cropedpng

What Distinguishes Us…

Urban Luxe offers extensive design consulting services to assist with your existing project or help you plan for the future for both homeowners and tradesmen alike.  We maintain a focus on innovating and adapting to our ever-shifting economy. We put an emphasis on designing in the most financially efficient manner possible without compromising our standard of quality or our unique construction concepts. We have been privileged to continue serving the same clients and communities year over year, and have grown our business largely through personal recommendations from past clients.


In addition to top-notch design and impeccable project management. Urban Luxe is fresh, innovative, and constantly working to create new ways to make the design + build experience more convenient, exciting, and enjoyable. We utilize the latest technology, not only for our designs but also for client convenience, transparency, and security. We provide a 100% concierge experience, meaning we will never drag you to an outdated showroom to be overwhelmed by underwhelming selections. We bring everything to you both in person and digitally. Luxury is many things, but convenience is paramount. 


Our Background

Lou Galarza

  • LinkedIn

Partner /  General Contractor / Industry Consultant

Lou, a DC area native, first discovered his passion for design and construction while spending summers working for his uncle's construction company. Once he finished college, he worked for several high-profile companies including Tyco Securities, where he oversaw large commercial and government buildout, providing both consulting and project management.  An ace at his job, he stunned management when he decided to walk away to start his own residential construction company, LG Contracting, in 2007. While he loved his job, he desired the opportunity to embrace his creativity and incredible talent for design. Residential construction is the perfect fit for Lou. He treats every client as if they were family and always goes the extra mile to make sure each project is not only unique but also meets his high standards for quality craftsmanship. Urban Luxe is proud to have such a talented professional at its helm. 

 Lou Galarza
Our Team
Brook Mitchell

Brook Mitchell 

  • LinkedIn

Partner / Principal Designer / Industry Consultant

Brook was raised in the home industry. Her family included a contractor, a carpenter, a mason, and a realtor specializing in properties to be renovated. It’s no surprise that she has found a way to combine these fields and revolutionize the industry. In addition to her construction and design expertise, she is well-versed in ConTech (construction technology) and project management with a Construction Project Management certificate from Columbia University. She has been invited to speak at several global conferences concerning the future of technology in residential construction and design, the dire need for increased information security protocols in our industry, and the future of pen testing in smart home environments. She is also a consultant helping the trade grow their business by enhancing and expanding their design offerings, incorporating technology for efficiency and transparency, and revamping and expanding their project management platforms to be more effective and productive.

Our Team

Urban Luxe has built a team of experienced and dedicated professionals that assist us in delivering outstanding, award-winning projects, earning us the trust of our clients. Whether your project calls for a dedicated architect, engineer, landscape architect, trade specialist, permit expeditor, general contractor, or custom home builder, we have a trusted partner ready to jump in. If it has to do with your home, inside or out, we have a team member ready to assist. 

Team of Industrial Engineers
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