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Theresa G.
Full Home Rennovation

My husband and I have done renovations on a couple of properties on our own, but I was looking for some assistance with this latest renovation since my husband was deployed. The difference between how this renovation went in comparison to those is shocking – in a good way! Brook helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed assistance. For example, her suggestion of moving a wall and a window in our living room ended up creating a showcase space that opens beautifully onto our wooded backyard. That kind of pre-construction/design assistance was exactly what I was looking for in a designer!! The vision that she laid out in our original meeting was amazing. After our initial meeting at the property, we sat down and went through various pictures and idea books so that Brook could further hone in on our desired look. She came to the table very organized and had multiple selections for me (lighting, kitchen cabinet pulls, wall colors, etc.), all the while offering her creative suggestions as well. She kept me on track with all the little decisions I had to make. And when I was overwhelmed with the number of decisions/work to be done, Brook helped to calm me down and focus my attention on just a few things to keep the process moving forward without a high-stress level. Brook was able to take us from the pre-construction phase straight through to the final design elements that pull the whole project together. Her help with various trips to tile and hardware stores to pick out the finishes was incredibly helpful!! She can help with whatever type of project you are looking to do. They can do a spot design if there’s an area of a room that needs assistance, all the way up to being the first in the home to get a major renovation project started. Additionally, they can purchase and receive the pieces, handle the budgets, and do the final design elements and staging offering you a turn-key renovation experience – taking the stress and headache off of you. Finally, their assistance and expertise will add value to your home – making the investment in their design experience absolutely worth it. They can make great value-added changes during a renovation that will increase its market value! I think the change to our living room alone added a wow factor that will easily translate to well over $10k when we go to sell it! I cannot recommend Brook and her team strongly enough. She has been incredibly hard-working, detail-oriented, dedicated, creative, flexible, and understanding through our various starts and stops in our project. This is a company that truly wants to make you happy in your home and their love for their work shines through – they are a joy to work with! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with the design and/or renovation of their home.

Hillary G.
Main Floor Rennovation

I highly recommend Urban Luxe. We used them for our kitchen remodel and had a fantastic experience. Brook and  Lou took the stress out of the whole kitchen renovation process. As soon as we met them we knew that they were our people. They were easy to talk to and they listened carefully to our descriptions of our family life and what we wanted out of our new kitchen. They were responsive and had many ideas. They took what would have been hours upon hours of conversation between just me and my husband and made it much more efficient because they were able to rein us in and keep us on track both in terms of what was possible and also what was in our budget. The aspects of our new kitchen that we love most are things we never would have thought of on our own. It was extremely valuable to have Brook's help with the design aspects. Instead of looking at hundreds of options for each decision, we just had a few. If those didn't work she would listen to what we wanted to change and find another few options. She was professional and helped to keep the whole project on time. We were never pressured to spend more than our budget. In fact, Brook didn't even present us with options that were out of our price range. She was honest, trustworthy, and fair and she found great deals for us. She knew which materials would work best for our family with small children and which companies make durable but beautiful furniture, appliances, drawer pulls, etc. In addition to being so helpful, Brook was also just nice to have around. She has a calming presence and never seemed stressed despite all the work she must have been doing behind the scenes to help our kitchen turn out so beautifully. They were a joy to work with!

Drew H.
Designer on Demand

We hired Brook for an interior design consult before we moved into our new home. Brook was wonderful to work with and helped us come up with a plan for our space that fit our style and budget. We will most likely use Brook’s services if/when we do a larger renovation project in the future. Would highly recommend.

Katherine K.
Move-In Touch-ups

My husband and I bought our first house in the early spring of 2017. We spent four years saving for a down payment, living in an aging, low-cost apartment complex with little frills. We had 30-year-old furnishings that relatives had gifted us back when we went off to college, so we were excited to toss the old furniture and start with a fresh slate for our new place. The home-buying process was stressful enough and when I began looking to decorate our new home, I quickly became overwhelmed. Here I'd never cared much about designing or decorating because I didn't own our place, so I'd never really spent time looking into home décor or fixtures. There were just so many options out there. We decided we needed some help, so we hired BB Designs and worked with Brook. She took the reigns and educated us on the basics of design. She first set up a consultation to get to know us and our personalities. She did an amazing job pulling together curated selections for our living room, dining room, and kitchen. And, she nailed it! I loved everything she recommended. Having three well-selected options instead of surfing the internet through 300 options saved us time and quelled the stress. She also suggested staining our hardwood floors from a blond to a more modern coffee-type color and they are exquisite. We updated the railings and fireplaces, too, giving our home traditional mid-century home a more updated urban chic look!

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