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Urban Luxe Design + Project Planning
Urban Luxe Design + Project Planning

If you are looking for an old-school builder....we're not a fit.

Many, if not all custom or semi-custom homes end up over budget and completed well past the projected timeline. A key reason is that you sign a contract without specific designs in place. When you design as you go it can create costly change orders, unexpected budget increases, and the possibility of having to cut out key features because they weren't brought up early enough in the process and now it is too late to go back and make the changes. You may have a solid idea of what you want in the beginning but in reality, you don't know what you don't know. As the design process evolves so does your understanding of what all is available to you. 

Urban Luxe prides itself on educating the client on our industry, providing full transparency on pricing and process, and breaking down the project into phases that just make sense for both project management and fiscal responsibility.


The building process can be long and tedious but we utilize technology to create convenience around your lifestyle, not ours. We manage every detail and we are also licensed realtors so that we can source the perfect lot for you to build. Best of all, we do the design work up front before you are ever locked into a contract because in this market, how can you have an accurate price on a custom home when it hasn't been designed yet??


We're not your parent's builders...we are not afraid to break away from old ways of thinking in order to just do better for our clients. 


Intro consult to learn more about your project, and your budget as well as give you more details on how we work and our process.


Homework! We take a very consultative approach and we will ask lots of questions to better understand your needs, family function, and future plans. These are all things critical to designing something specific to you, instead of selling you on something built to be profitable for everyone but you. 


Beginning of the design phase. We swing for the fences on everything you want out of the gate so that we can work on scaling back to fit your budget early on in the process. It's much easier to shift the budget around to accommodate your priorities before anything goes to permitting...much less the start of construction. Additionally, you have a better understanding of the drilled down costs within the budget which allows you to make a more educated decision on your wants vs. needs.


Finalizing the design phase. This is the point where we document all of your design selections, everything from your flooring and kitchen design, all the way down to the type of light switch covers and paint colors. We basically create an instruction manual for your project detailing all of your selections, a full scope of work, and a current market value estimate to complete the project. You can now take this along with the architectural drawings and mechanicals we provide and shop it out for 3 labor quotes that should be apples to apples. We will help you review the estimates and choose a builder we both feel good about. 

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