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Keys To The New Place

Our Goal Is To Help You Get It Sold

Elevate your professional standing with our Realtor services, enriching your skillset and distinguishing you from the competition. By partnering with Urban Luxe, you gain access to tools that impress clients and boost ROI, establishing you as an expert across all facets of your field. Stand out among the sea of other Realtors. Land that listing or close that buyer with offerings that outshine the competition!

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Curb appeal is the ultimate game-changer!

Let's face it, first impressions matter. Whether you aim to showcase the exterior's potential in your listing or feature an image during an open house, the impact of visualization cannot be overstated. Our services range from cost-effective and straightforward Photoshop edits over an existing photo to elevating the game with photo-realistic renderings for larger properties. It's worth noting that even minor enhancements can make a substantial difference – after all, as we all know, a fresh coat of paint has the transformative power to enhance home values!

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Show them how they can build instant equity!

At times, clients require assistance envisioning the possibilities. Take, for example, this basement kitchen/entertaining space. The client's vision was to fashion a versatile area that could function as an in-law suite in the future while currently serving as a home bar. Despite the complexity introduced by bulkheads, we turned it into an advantage by incorporating them into the design. Expanding a wall transformed the space, creating a purposeful and contemporary aesthetic. While the refrigerator, dishwasher, and ice maker are shown for placement, they are slated to be paneled in the final product for a sleek and sophisticated appearance. To elevate the basement from mundane to magnificent, we added a coordinating accent wall for the TV. The result? A showstopper that adds significant resale value to the entire space.

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Leverage yourself as an expert in a field difficult to navigate.

Numerous builders tout themselves as offering fully custom services, yet in reality, they provide only semi-custom solutions. For discerning clients seeking unrestricted design possibilities, we stand ready to assist. When embarking on the journey of creating a home from the ground up, your clients will encounter a myriad of considerations. Our consultative approach delves deep to uncover their needs and devise functional designs that cater to their family's unique requirements, often identifying necessities they hadn't even realized. From crafting the perfect floorplan and designing luxurious kitchens to incorporating outdoor living spaces, smart home features, and enhancing home efficiency, we guide them through a thoughtful process that equips them to commence their project confidently and effectively.

Accountant at Work

Drawing from our own experience as investors, we comprehend the criteria your clients seek and the key performance indicators (KPIs) essential for informed decisions. While many realtors excel in buy-and-hold strategies, navigating fix-and-flip endeavors requires a distinct expertise. For such ventures, accurate numbers are paramount, as even minor discrepancies can lead to significant losses for your client. Our consultancy spans from advising on initial fix-and-flip projects to overseeing subdivision build-outs on undeveloped land. We present conservative estimates, offering guidance on potential challenges, project management, and optimal rehab/build strategies based not just on comparables but on meticulous construction assessments. Understanding the true construction costs and how to not only build but manage your team is mission-critical for success. We safeguard your clients by facilitating prudent and profitable choices, positioning you as the hero with a team of seasoned experts at your disposal. Moreover, we offer access to a comprehensive network of hard money lenders, reliable vendors, and skilled labor.

Sample Market Analysis, Project Reviews, & Strategic Project Planning Outlines Available for Review

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